Overall eating quality of beef can be impacted by many aspects like breed, ranch management, and slaughter practices. Although, we will only be covering the first two in this post, as they are the most applicable.

Selecting for growth and reproductive traits can lead to significant increases in ranch profitability. And novel research into a method for supplement delivery was able to protect a microbial product from the rumen environment.

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Fetal programming from undernutrition can affect calf performance, producing lighter animals than their counterparts and impacting their performance in a feedlot system. High concentrations of sulfur can be toxic to cattle — decreasing performance and causing polioencephalomalacia.

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In this week’s R2R Edition: There seems to be no limit to the uses of direct-fed microbial supplements — from controlling E. coli to increasing microbial digestion. And sustainability from a cow/calf perspective, a report helps to find common ground for ranchers, packers, and consumers.

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In this week’s R2R Edition:

In this week’s R2R Edition: Simple solutions are often the best solutions. Also, “smart” devices and related technology have started their move into animal agriculture.

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